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What is Bankruptcy & what does it do for you?

How do I know if I qualify for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

Can I file Chapter 13 Bankruptcy on my own?

How will bankruptcy affect my credit?

If I file bankruptcy, what can I do to keep my car?

Can I own anything after a bankruptcy?

Do I have to reaffirm my debt after I file bankruptcy?

What are the long term benefits of filing bankruptcy?

Long Beach bankruptcy attorney Laura Claveran talks about new information regarding bankruptcies filed in the United States.

Attorney Claveran defines important terms to know when filing for bankruptcy.

Attorney Laura Claveran discusses how filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy can help liquidate debt.

Laura Claveran describes what Chapter 13 Bankruptcy can do to get rid of your second mortgage.

Long Beach bankruptcy attorney Laura Claveran discusses how a second mortgage can become an unsecured debt.

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